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Compositions by Year


Winds In The Wilderness - Clarinet Ensemble

Spring Blossoms On Both Banks - Suite for Double Clarinet

Thy Holy One - Viola and Tenor


Locust Swarms - SABT Choir

Nocturne - Piano Solo

When The Wind Passes By - Viola Solo

Senses IV - Large Ensemble and Electronics

Tattoo - Chamber Opera


Senses III - String Quartet

Senses II In Between - String Trio - Violin, Viola and Cello

Senses I - String Duo - Violin and Cello

Dao Ying - Trio - Flute, Cello, Percussion and Postcard


Stories In The Wind - Bass Clarinet and Live Electronics

                                     1. Unstoppable Spirals

                                     2. Above Dublin

                                     3. Wandering Consciousness

                                     4. Stories In The Wind

                                     5. Bamboo After Rain

Invitations from an old friend - for clarinet (doubling bass clarinet), viola and voice 

Fantasy - Guitar Solo

Illusions - Organ Solo


Iron Horses - for flute, clarinet (doubling bass clarinet), piano, violin and cello (2020)

Singing Alone - Cello Solo

Flying On The Grassland Like a Butterfly - Flute Solo

Meditating In the Afternoon - Harp Solo


Yu Linling - electronics and vocal (2019)



Tibetan Ceremony – Chinese Orchestra

Zhen Tou – Chamber Ensemble and Dancers

The Dream Of The Reveler – Small Ensemble for Western and Chinese Instruments



Tonight, I Will Be Free – Chamber Opera



Fairy Forest – Small Ensemble 

Poseidon – Orchestra 



Dream – Small Orchestra



Jiu Shu – Small Ensemble

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