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Crash Works I

For ‘Crash Works I’, Crash Ensemble collaborated with leading Ireland based creators: composers Amy Rooney, Anselm McDonnell, songwriter and composer Laura Hyland, pianist and composer Yue Song, and harpist and composer Úna Monaghan. Each creator had development time with the ensemble over a 2-year period to work on the concepts and ideas for their commissions. 

This album features five new works from five composers, premiered at the New Music Dublin Festival 2023 in collaboration with Ireland's leading ensemble - Crash Ensemble.

Senses IV was one of the five works, written for 10 performers with electronics in 2023, and depicts the natural environment surrounding us.

It is the last piece of a series of works based on the text:

When you hear the birds in the dark, you know you will see the dawn.

When you feel the rushing wind under the sun, you can smell and taste the coming rain .......

We perceive the world through our senses; they are the most direct and purest connection to the world. 


​The subject of this piece is the relationship between humans and the natural environment; the first section is an imitation of plants growing in nature; the second section expresses the rapid development of humans; the third section seems chaotic but has its own order, representing the harmonious coexistence of all living things.

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