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Aria piece for chamber opera TATTOO “Who would have the courage “awarded the 2nd prize with the highest points of “World Championship Composition Competition”(first prize vacant).



Organ piece Illusions was awarded the 3rd prize in the “ World  Championship Composition Competition”.



Participated in New Music Dublin 2022 with the postcard piece “Daoying (Reflections)” premiered by Crash Ensemble.


Participated Artistic Research Days - DMus researchers in conversation and performance.


One of the participants of “Perform_Live Festival”, presented the new project “Imagining and Shaping New Sounds with Sensors: Five Compositions for Bass Clarinet and Live Processing” with clarinettist Marcella Barz.


Awarded 2nd prize in The 2nd European Composer Competition in Category 3 (first prize vacant).


One of commissioned composers by Crash Ensemble of “Crash Works” - Full Ensemble.


One of commissioned composers by Crash Ensemble of “Crash Works” - Reactions Postcard Project.


One of the finalists of the International Competition “Women Composers” (open to women from all over the world and all ages) in Florence, awarded 3rd prize.


Awarded Chinese Government Scholarship - Fine Arts.



Awarded DIT Fiosraigh Fees and Materials Expenses award.



Chinese orchestral piece Tibetan Ceremony was selected and performed by CCOM National Orchestra in Beijing.



Chamber piece Zhen Tou, collaborated with Dance performers and Dance directors,  was selected to be performed and recorded in Music and Dance Collection - season 4, held by Central Conservatory of Music and Beijing Dance Academy.



Chamber Opera Tonight, I’ll Be Free awarded the 3rd China Chamber opera Composition Promoting Project Prize,was performed and recorded in Beijing.

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