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Compositions by Instrumentation




Tibetan Ceremony - for Chinese Orchestra (2016)

​ - listen


Poseidon ­- Orchestra (2014)







Tonight, I will be free ­- chamber opera (2015)

 - watch


Tattoo - chamber opera (2019-2021)

who would have the courage to carry such a heavy past with us?aria for mezzo-soprano listen

- Stars, you witness everything. - aria for soprano - listen





Senses I. - Duo for violin and cello. (2022) - listen

Senses II. - In Between - Trio for violin, viola and cello. (2022) - listen

Senses III. - for string quartet. (2022) - listen

Senses IV. - for large ensemble. (2023) - listen

DaoYing (Reflections) - trio for flute, Marimba and cello. (2022)

Invitations from an old friend - for clarinet (doubling bass clarinet), viola and voice (2021)

 - listen


Iron Horses - for flute, clarinet (doubling bass clarinet), piano, violin and cello (2020)


The Dream of the Reveler - for flute, clarinet, cello, and 4 Chinese instruments: Sheng, Pipa, Zheng and Erhu (2016)


Zhen Tou - for Small Ensemble and Dancers (2016)

Fairy Forest - Small Ensemble (2014)



Nocturne - Piano (2023)   

When The Wind Passes By - Viola (2023)                                                      

Fantasy - Guitar (2021)

Illusions - Organ (2021)

Singing Alone - Cello (2020)

Flying On The Grassland Like a Butterfly - Flute (2020)

Meditating In the Afternoon - Harp (2020)





Project of collaborating with clarinetist Marcella Barz “Creating a Sound-world with Live    Processing and Sensors: An artistic exploration” (2020-2021)


Yu Linling - electronics and vocal (2019)




Thesis & Papers


Composing Techniques in John Adams chamber piece - Chamber Symphony. (2017)

Compositions Through Characterisation -  The Creative Process And Analysis Of A Chamber Opera And Related Works. (2023)

Imagining and Shaping New Sounds with Sensors - Five Compositions for Bass Clarinet and Live Processing.


'Stories In the Wind’ – A discussion of five new collaborative works for bass clarinet and electronics. (2022)

Senses: The Delicate Qualities of Strings. (2023)

Composition through characterisation - A discussion of the compositional processes of the five individual characters in the chamber opera Tattoo (2023)


“Who would have the courage to carry such a heavy past with us?” – A discussion of the compositional processes behind the chamber opera Tattoo (2023)


Articles (about Yue's work)

彩虹——评室内歌剧《今夕,我将奔向自由》的幕场结构特征及音乐融汇风格:张宝华 《音乐生活》

Rainbow——Comments of the structure and  the fusion music style of chamber opera "Tonight, I will be free" by Baohua Zhang <Music Daily>.

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