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Stories in the Wind

 - for bass clarinet and electronics.


When you are outside feeling the wind, listening to the stories in the wind.

Everything you hear from the wind reflects the inner voice of yourself.

The story is joyful or sad, peaceful or warm......

The colour of the stories actually comes from your inner world.

This album of works for solo bass clarinet with live electronics is the result of a collaboration between composer Yue Song and clarinettist Marcella Barz. The electronic aspect of this project involves live processing of the bass clarinet performance; the electronic effects are triggered and controlled in performance via a SABRe muti-sensor device system attached to the bass clarinet, which involves four sensors that measure yaw, pitch, roll and air pressure. The sensors follow the performer’s movements during the performance and connect the performer to the electronic ‘sound world’, which is built out of layered effects that the performer can move through and interact with. 

Yue Song - Composer 
Marcella Barz - Bass Clarinet and Live Electronics 
Daragh Black Hynes - Producer/Engineer 

Recorded August 2022 at TU Dublin Conservatoire. 

Special thanks to Ben Rawlins, Dr Kerry Houston, Professor Gráinne Mulvey, Professor Paul Roe, Dr Paul McNulty and Professor Clíona Doris.

Released July 25, 2023, North Bull Record.

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